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Xscape Our Rooms Escape Room Review St. Augustine

Xscape Our Rooms is a brand-new location in St. Augustine bringing another great game to the area! The owners are fantastic designers and researched some of the best game and puzzle creations. Xscape Our Rooms is home to three Escape Rooms: Prohibition, Blackbeard’s Brig, and The Chamber. This location is home to one of Escape Crusaders first Team Competitions! Along with their other two rooms, be prepared to faceoff within your group to see who the real escape masters are!  This location is one of the best locations to go to for beginner and intermediate games.


Price: $29 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate/Expert


Xscape Our Room’s The Chamber is an enjoyable experience that pits groups against each other in a race against the clock and each other. As teams move through the room and complete puzzles; the other team in the adjoining room will see the progress on a panel. The first team to escape has bragging rights that will last for weeks! Trust us, some of our Escape Crusaders are still hearing about it! A simple room with a focus on puzzles allows beginners and escape enthusiasts alike have an exciting time using their mind.

Story:  You are part of a demolition team, during your final inspection of an abandoned building about to be leveled, you discover 2 previously unknown Chambers. The Chambers are filled with interesting artifacts from the past, present and perhaps the future. You have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to xscape... Will you make it before auto-detonation?

Escape Our Rooms The Chamber Escape Room

Escape Our Rooms The Chamber Escape Room

Immersion: The room is purposefully simple. The story is almost unnecessary for the game to be as fun as it is! Its immersion is perfect in a different kind of way. No matter the story, you are focused on the task at hand; beat the other team!

Game Style: Adventure/Escape/Versus

Game Flow:  The flow of the game is one of the best things about this room. You are always focused on doing something in the room and the competition keeps you focused on succeeding. The players become completely enveloped in the competition while focusing on minute details within the room.

Puzzles: The puzzles were created with team work in mind! The puzzles are fun and keep momentum flowing! The room is simple, so every puzzle that is completed adds to the excitement!

Game Master: The Game Master and clue system is unique in this game.  If one team take a clue, both teams hear the answer. The strategy is to ask the right questions at the right time to leave the other team at a disadvantage. Make sure to think first before asking for a clue, you don’t know if it will help the other team as well!

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8

Final Thoughts: Observation is a necessity in this room. Think outside of the BOX and listen to all your teammates! Remember, not only are you racing the clock, you are racing the room next door! Good luck!

Blackbeard’s Brig Escape Room Review

Price: $29 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner
Blackbeards Brig Escape Room Review  three and a half stars

In Blackbeard’s Brig, you start your heroic journey of escape within the bowels of the Queen Ann’s Revenge. As you sneak into the stern of the ship, you enter the pirate hold complete with unlucky landlubbers! From top to bottom, Blackbeard’s Brig is a shipshape game with sturdy wooden walls and well-lit rooms. As you near your escape players need all hands on deck to blow some sand off the beach. This room is well built and fun to play.

Story: You have been sentenced to spend the rest of eternity imprisoned in Blackbeard's Brig. However, you have been informed that if you can solve a series of clues and puzzles an xscape is possible. Blackbeard has left the ship to pillage and plunder Saint Augustine, you have 60 minutes to find your way out... Do you have what it takes to Xscape?

Escape Our Rooms Blackbeard's Brig

Escape Our Rooms Blackbeard's Brig

Immersion: Blackbeard’s Brig is well built, however; these are the cleanest pirates we have come across! The lighting could be dimmed to add that below deck feel to the room. The Escape Crusaders were hoping for some creaking-water-dripping-pirate-singing sound effects. The room is so beautifully put together it feels a bit like a luxury liner more than a pirate ship.

Game Style: Escape

Game Flow: The game flow is slow and steady like a leisurely ride on the open ocean. There are some great references to classic pirate films!

Puzzles: The puzzles are well done and creative. There are definitely some hands on activities in this game that are fun to play and watch!

Game Master: The Game Masters involvement is minimal but they do help direct the flow as you try to exit the ship. The goal is to escape and the game masters steer teams to the end!

Group Size Suggestion:  2-6

Final Thoughts: Remember pirates are sneaky and good at hiding things!

Prohibition Escape Room Review

Price: $29 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner
Prohibition Escape Room Review three stars

Are you ready to catch the Mob Boss and his goons? As you play through prohibition you will attempt to identify the real mobster and bring down their crime syndicate or it’s sleepin’ with the fishes for you!  This game is fun and is perfect for beginners!

Story: It is 1925 and prohibition is in full swing. You are part of a team initiating a crackdown on illegal sales and transportation of liquor. The evidence you need to identify the kingpin of the illegal activities is contained within the infamous Lucky Duck Speakeasy. A bomb has been set to destroy the building and its secrets. You and your team have 60 minutes to find the evidence and xscape.

Escape Our Rooms Prohibition Escape Room

Escape Our Rooms Prohibition Escape Room

Immersion: The Lucky Duck Speakeasy is well hidden within the Prohibition Escape Room. Lucky for you and your crack team of investigators, you know what to look for! The owners took great care with focusing on fun details within each step of the game. Again, the lighting and sound could be adjusted a bit to add some more ambiance.

Game Style: Real Life

Game Flow: In Prohibit the game flow is steady and assisted by the game master.

Puzzles: The puzzles are well done and creative. They are not too challenging so this would be a great entertainment room and fit for new players.

Game Master: The Game Masters involvement is minimal but they do help direct the flow as you try to defuse the bomb! There is a fun interaction from the Mob Boss midway through the game!

Group Size Suggestion:  2-6

Final Thoughts: This game can get a little fishy!



Xscape Our Rooms
197 Blackford Way
Saint Augustine, FL 32086