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Escape Room Entertainment Orlando is a family owned franchise with multiple locations throughout Florida. A group of friends and family decided to open an experience for everyone to share in the adventure of escape, and they succeeded! Each member of the team is invested in the company and loves to speak with the players after the game. The owners and operators are enthusiastic and make the experience that much more fun! 
The stories at Escape Room Entertainment are well established and help the immersion of the rooms. The company is also very good at keeping the puzzle integrated within the story lines. Escape Room Entertainment is not afraid to update their puzzles or rooms if they see possible improvements and they appreciate customer feedback. Escape Room Entertainment wants players to enjoy every aspect of their company and strive to create repeat customers!

The Hidden Temple Escape Room Review

Price: $32 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner

Get your bug spray and hiking boots ready for a trek through the rain forest in search of fables artifacts within the Hidden Temple! Beware of running into jungle animals and abandoned ruins, unfortunately your team won’t run into Olmec or the Blue Barracudas. This is a fast paced game that recently went from 30 minutes of play to a 60-minute room. Now get ready to attack this room Indiana Jones style and don’t forget to ask yourself, “Why did it have to be snakes?!”

The Hidden Temple Escape Room Review

The Hidden Temple Escape Room Review

Story: For thousands of years there have been tales of a forgotten city, overtaken by the jungle and erased from history. Legend has it the city contained a large idol made of solid gold that would bring immeasurable wealth to whoever set eyes upon it. Many have searched for the fabled land, but it has remained elusive throughout the years. While trekking through the rain forest you and your fellow archaeologists uncover the ruins of an ancient civilization. Could this be the city that legend tells of? Are you destined to find the artifact? Time will only tell.

Immersion: It feels like you jumped right onto the set of the Nickelodeon show, “Legends of the Hidden Temple”. Check your flashlight and be wary that the vines don’t bite! Hidden Temple stays true to the story and focuses on the details within the room. It is a nicely built game, everything in the room feels massive making you feel like you are in a large temple.

Game Style: Adventure

Game Flow: The game flow is fast paced and the puzzles are discovered in rapid succession. Make sure you search everything as you move through the game.

Puzzles: This room has great puzzles, with one very unique and super fun puzzles. The Escape Crusaders asked to go back in after we completed the game just so everyone had a chance to complete it!

Game Master: The Game Master is somewhat quiet as you race through this room. They do a great job of reading the environment within your group and use that knowledge to gauge your headway. They make sure to pay close attention to your progress, just in case you get lost within the Hidden Temple.

Group Size Suggestion:  2-4

Final Thoughts: If you are an seasoned Escape Room player, this room can go lightning fast, enjoy your time and take in the whole experience.

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