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The Great Escape Room is based out of Orlando, FL with locations across the United States. The Great Escape Room is a company focused on uniformity across the franchise. 

The Great Escape Room contains large rooms themed around Sherlock Holmes and his adventrues. The rooms are best suited for groups of 6 or more. This is a great location for corporate team building exercises. It teaches large groups to work together to solve complex problems. The Great Escape Room is unique compared to other escape rooms in the area, as the Game Masters are in the rooms with you, ready to assist you if you need a clue. For some, this allows for an interactive lifeline within the room, where Escape Crusaders finds them as a hindrance to the game flow and takes away from the immersion. 

Sherlock Holmes' Library Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate
Sherlock Holmes Library Escape Room Review

The Library is the first room designed by The Great Escape Room company. Since the opening, they have created three other installments. By using an old phonograph, the story reveals you are in the 1800s in Sherlock Holmes' Library but it never really feels that way. The goal is to prove yourself a skilled apprentice fit to work along side Sherlock; however, the game leaves you feeling defeated. The room has a ton of potential but needs some adjustments to immersion and sensibility to decor.

Story: Put your skills of deductive reasoning to the test and see if you can be selected as an apprentice for the legendary Sherlock Holmes. It is your task to unravel the mystery set before you and join The League of the Masters of Elementary Deduction.
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Immersion: The game falls short of full immersion/theme. It feels like you are entering a living room belonging to someone other than Sherlock Holmes. A few book cases on the walls are the only library element in the room. The items in the space yank you back to the reality that you are not in Sherlock's Library, in the 1800s, or even away from home. 

Game Style: Escape

Game Flow: This is a scavenger hunt so the game flow is not really there. The participants are on a search for 50 plus items to solve 4 different puzzles at the same time. 

Puzzles: The puzzles are not unique and really don't match the theme of the room. If you like a Battleship/Minesweeper type of game you may enjoy this room. Most of the time you are trying to figure out a phrase that would be made by all the items or you are attempting to figure out how each item is connected. 

Game Master: The Great Escape has a very unique way to put a game master in the room. They literally put the game master in the room which really takes a lot away from the room. The game master would randomly get in the way of the participants and when asked for a clue she would be unable to provide a clue with out fully answering the puzzle out of her binder. It was an unfortunate showing. 

Group Size Suggestion:  6-10 that is a hard minimum on the 6


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