The Escape Effect 


At odds with the gods


The Escape Effect 

At Odds With the Gods

Price: $42 per Person
Difficulty: Mid-level

4 stars


Background:  The Escape Effect is one of the best locally-owned Escape Rooms in the Orlando area.  Having 5 games, the Escape Effect really shines in the game flow! They have Orlando's first 90 minute and 75-minute escape rooms!

At Odds With The Gods is the first 90-minute escape room in central Florida that's  packed full of puzzles down to the last second!!

Story: Travel to Mt. Olympus to face the gods’ challenges. Will you conquer it all and become immortal?

Immersion: Very well played on immersion. The details of the game were obviously researched bringing an accurate interpretation to mythology to your game!

The Escape Effect - At Odds with the gods

Game Style: The game was linear allowing your group to split at points and join together to make decisions cohesively on other parts of your game. 

Puzzles: Though you're in the room for 90 Minutes you will feel like you are in for 60 because of all the fun! The games did not seem out of place of the era. Not too difficult, yet, not boring letting you pass with great ease. 

Game Master: Very good at giving hints but not to reveal answers completely. 

Group Size: 5-10

Final Thoughts: Great room for seasoned enthusiasts or novice first-timers. We went with as a group of 4 and had a blast doing our first 90-minute escape room. 

Side Note: The location is next to some very good restaurants, we ate next door. This location is great if you want to go on a date night or team building activity. 


THe escape Effect

11701 International Drive, Suite 420
Orlando, Florida 32821

(855) GAME-ESC
(855) 426-3372