At Odds With The Gods

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The Escape Effect is an Orlando locally grown and owned single location escape room. Founded in 2017, they opened with one room At Odds With The Gods. They have a unique concept for rooms, as they build the room they want, with the flow they desire then determine the amount of time the feel is acceptable to escape. The Escape Effect in Orlando currently features a 90 and 75 minute rooms. This makes the time in the game feel like the cost is more worth it. The rooms were developed by escape room enthusiasts who just wanted to further their passion for the industry and provide remarkable games for new and tenured players.

The Escape Effect is a breath of fresh air in a franchise dominated industry. The owners are undaunted and appreciative of feedback from all of their customers and generally use it to improve their company and experience.  The Escape Effect in Orlando is located near Sea World and has many dinning options near that allows for the full date night or a great evening to wrap up a vacation day. If you are planning doing multiple rooms consider grabbing some lunch and desert in between games. If you are looking for a sweet treat near The Escape Effect in Orlando visit the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe.

At Odds With The Gods Escape Room Review

Price: $45 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate


At Odds With The Gods is the first 90-minute escape room in central Florida that's packed full of puzzles. This room also brings some nostalgia factors into the Greek world. A tedious room in the best way At Odds With The Gods will keep your brain accelerated as you and your group will race against the clock to beat the gods and escape the room. Bring a well balanced group as this room presents challenges on all levels. The only issue with this room is a slightly flat ending.

Story: Travel to Mt. Olympus to face the gods’ challenges. Will you conquer it all and become immortal?

Immersion: Players feel like they are dealing with Greek antiquities as the move through the game. The lighting is a bit off keeping players from getting completely immersed in the game.

Game Style: Fantasy Adventure

Game Flow: The flow of the game was well done. This game does have a lot of puzzles to feel the 90 minute game time. I do think the average enthusiast will finish this game around the 75 minute mark.

Puzzles: The puzzles are on the wall, ground, all around. Players have a lot to do to Escape At Odds With the Gods. Some unique puzzles do help the immersion. The puzzles never give that ah ha moment, or at least the immersion doesn’t lend to a splendid end that I feel with the build of this game is lacking.

Game Master: The clue system is reasonable using an oft used button on the wall.

Group Size Suggestion:  3-7


The Escape Effect Orlando
11701 international Drive #420
Orlando , FL 32821
(855) 426-3372