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Escape Crusaders is a group of friends traveling around Florida building the Escape Room community. We have done a variety of rooms and have been thoroughly impressed with the Escape Rooms in Orlando. The rooms all have a theater like quality and an enthusiast flair in puzzle creation.

We encourage our visitors to contact us and let us know what rooms we should do next from Jacksonville to Miami. We are hoping to complete an Escape Room Review for every Florida Escape Game location.

Orlando Escape Room Reviews

The Orlando Escape Room community is large and contains a vast variety of Escape Rooms! With Orlando being one of the largest tourist cities in the United States, it is easy to see the possibilities for Escape Room enthusiasts!  On average, the locations in Orlando recommend group sizes of 2 to 12 and can handle special events. There are no duds in this area whatever room you book will be a great experience! The Escape Crusaders have done marathons with Orlando Escape rooms and have not scratched the surface with the amount of Escape Rooms in Orlando area. There are many different themes, difficulties, and puzzles at all the locations in Orlando and there is something for everyone in the family! The Escape Crusaders have found rooms designed by Halloween Horror night enthusiast, former theater groups, and general Escape Room enthusiasts.  One of the most important aspects is the attention to detail when immersing the players and every game in Orlando has the opportunity to achieve that.  Players will be able to find a room any day of the week as Orlando is a popular vacation town and will be open every day.

Orlando Escape Rooms

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Orlando Escape Room Review Team

Orlando Escape Room Review Team

Our Orlando Escape Room Reviews

Our Reviews of Orland Escape Rooms will be out of 5 stars with a score of 3 being an average room. Escape Crusaders focus on a few main categories with immersion and puzzles being weighted the heaviest and most important for a review.  The Escape Rooms in Orlando have their own unique way of providing a wonderful experience. For instance, Dare 2 Escape add smells in their rooms to provide an extra level of immersion, while Escape Goat puts costumed characters in their rooms to be the Game Masters. Every company is unique and all our reviews measure the location. We aim to use objectivity and try to not compare companies.  We hope you enjoy our site and Happy Escaping!