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One Way Out Escape Rooms Jacksonville

One Way Out Jacksonville is Jacksonville's only locally grown and owned single location escape room. Founded in 2016, they opened with two rooms ESC 101 and The Patient. ESC 101 was developed by the brother and sister co-owners in a back room of the house they lived in. Since opening, One Way Out Jacksonville has added one additional room; Convicted, which boasts the lowest escape rate in Jacksonville.

One Way Out Jacksonville is a breath of fresh air in a franchise dominated industry. The owners are undaunted and appreciative of feedback from all of their customers and generally use it to improve their company and experience. According to the owners, the rooms are chapters to a story which adds an exciting twist! When visiting One Way Out Jacksonville, we recommend starting in ESC 101, followed by The Patient and finishing with the flagship room, Convicted. One Way Out Jacksonville is always a pleasure to escape from and Escape Crusaders anticipates the next chapter to the story.

ESC 201 Escape Room Review

Price: $25 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner


ESC 101 Escape game is one of the best rooms you can do as a beginner and starts off the thrilling saga that is One Way Out Jacksonville Escape rooms. It is a basic escape room with clever puzzles, smooth transitions, and gives you the all too real feel of living in a dorm room. 

Story: A stalker on campus has kidnapped your best friend and locked you in their dorm room. Security is nowhere to be found and time is running out. Sources say your best friend is being dragged to a suspicious "college party." There's no turning back. Escape in time to rescue them from the unthinkable!

Immersion: This is a fantastic take on a dorm room and utilizes the space well. A few missed opportunities detracted from the stalker theme.  Before the hour is up, you will start to worry that you're going to be late for chemistry exam!

Game Style: Escape

Game Flow: Great game flow with some twist and turns that are certain to excite beginning escape enthusiast.

Puzzles: All of the puzzles make sense and keeps you interested. For what could be considered a minimalist environment, the designer does a wonderful job of utilizing all of the resource found in the room. 

Game Master: The Game Master was fantastic leading to a great experience for all members of our party.

Group Size Suggestion:  3-7

The Patient Escape Room Review

Price: $25 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner
The Patient Escape Room Review

The Patient escape room is a continuation of the One Way Out Jacksonville narrative. This is a fun game but not One Way Outs best. It is based on the event, that you were in a wreck looking for your friend that was kidnapped in the previous room. Now you are trying to save a person's life as you race to get the patient the proper treatment. Going into this game, don't be afraid to scour your environment. 

Story: A horrible accident on the way to a college party has left a patient fighting for their life. If they don't receive the appropriate medical treatment soon, their future is in serious jeopardy. Race the clock to save a life and find the key to their recovery.

Immersion: The immersion in this room is tame. The large spaces used left a feeling that the room could be expanded to incorporate more details.

Game Style: Real Life

Game Flow: Slight scavenger hunt. Not the best game flow from this company but easy enough to move through for an enjoyable experience.

Puzzles: One very fun unique puzzle. Most of the puzzles were clever spins on traditional puzzles. One puzzle that didn't fit the room. You will run into some misleading items in the room.

Game Master: The game master was very good providing unique clues when called upon. He kept the feel of the room. 

Group Size Suggestion:  3-6

Convicted Escape Room Review

Price: $25 per Person
Difficulty: Expert
Convicted Escape Room Review

The Convicted escape game is easily one of the best if not the best escape room in Jacksonville, Florida. This game has a tone-setting start to a very unique finish. While it is a great game it is not an easy game and advertises Jacksonville's lowest escape rate at just 5%. To make this great escape, you would be well-advised to leave the uninitiated and weak-of-heart at home. This is certainly not for beginners.

Story: Doing time is hard, but you only have 60 minutes before things get really shocking. 
Arrested for impersonating a doctor at the scene of an accident, you'll have to work
together behind bars to sneak past the guards and find the One Way Out. 

Immersion: This room is the example of immersion. We felt like we were in a jail the entire time and the use of the props was excellent!

Game Style: Escape/Real Life

Game Flow: The game flow is seemless. It is split into two challenging games at once. It is impressively designed.

Puzzles: This room starts with a unique hand designed puzzle and has one of the best surprises in an escape game.

Game Master: The game master was well versed in providing unique clues when called upon. He kept the feel of the room. Something special happened at the end of the game that lead us to meeting the one of the owners/designers of the game. He was more interested in asking us how we deciphered the puzzles and moved through the room. If a game master focus on letting the group explain their experience it lets the group immediately reminisce and enjoy the escape room.

Group Size Suggestion:  6-10


One Way Out Jacksonville
8011 Philips Hwy #3 Ste 3
Jacksonville, FL 32256