The Enigma Emporium

The Enigma Emporium

Please let us introduce to you, The Enigma Emporium, a company that creates narrative-based puzzle games to be played in the comfort of your own home! These fun and challenging puzzles push you to use your brain and your internet search skills! The Enigma Emporium is cost efficient, smart, fun, and you don’t have to worry about cutting up/damaging their games (for those of us who have anxiety about actually “playing” escape games to the full extent… oh, is it just me that tries to recreate a puzzle so I don’t have to cut/fold/rip a game… yikes).

We were very excited when we received the games! It took a group of 3 experienced Escape Game Board Gamers, a couple hours to get the hang of the game at first, but once we utilized our resources (our phones and computers) we started to piece together an intricate mystery within the postcards! You are bound to see familiar ciphers, codes, and puzzles, however, there are many unique applications within these games from The Enigma Emporium! It really was enjoyable to see how much we had to solve with just 5 traditional looking postcards!

Wish You Were Here | Blowback | The Copy Cat Files | Carte Rouge


Cost: $15

Players: 1-8 (2-3 suggested)

Age: 12 +

Theme: Mystery

Game Length: 45-60 minutes per postcard (5 in total)

Components: 1 envelope, 5 Postcards 

Suggested tools: Paper, writing utensils, access to the internet, smartphones

Replayability: Low- unless you forget all of your answers. 

Additional Notes

  • The Enigma Emporium offers a “Clue” website that helps lead you to correct answers if you become stuck on a puzzle. Many of the clues offer suggestions on “HOW TO SOLVE…” versus giving the answer away which is nice!

  • You definitely need the internet to complete these postcards! Smartphones are also a very helpful necessary tool!

  • Make sure you write down the information you have discovered! You will need it to finish the game!

“Wish You Were Here”

“Wish You Were Here”

“Wish You were here”

Game Story: “Wish You Were Here is a new kind of mystery. Five mysterious postcards arrive at your doorstep, a criminal's challenge: catch them... if you can. Codes, ciphers, riddles, and other puzzles abound in these lavishly-produced cards that will leave you not only with a sense of satisfaction if you're able to solve the mystery, but also a beautiful curio you can save, display, or even pass on to a friend to solve next.”

Review: “Wish You Were Here” was a refreshing take on Escape Game Board Games. We typically play more store bought games, and this was fun! This game makes you really use your resources and work together. At first, we were not sure how to solve these postcards, we were stuck for a little while until we realized that we needed to utilize the internet. The puzzles are clever and the flow was smooth. We really enjoyed the mystery we were trying to solve. The only thing is, we had a difficult time, with the final puzzle, we knew how to use the components needed to answer it, but could not figure out how to apply it. We referred to the “Clues” website, however, it still was not enough. We contacted The Enigma Emporium and they were quick to help assist us in completing the game!

Blowback: Wish You Were Here Pt. II

Blowback: Wish You Were Here Pt. II

blowback: Wish you were here pt. ii

Currently playing! Please come back later for our overview and review!

Game Story: Pick up where you left off in Wish You Were Here as you attempt to learn more about--and ultimately destroy--the shadowy criminal syndicate that has ruined your friend's life and the lives of countless others. Once again, 5 postcards are all you have to go on. Use your wits and your research skills to uncover, decode, and decipher the messages in each card.

Review: Coming Soon!

The Copycat Files

The Copycat Files

The Copycat files

Review coming soon!

Game Story: “The Copycat Files is a spin-off of Wish You Were Here that doesn't require the original game to play. When news of your contributions to the FBI case hit the press, suddenly a deluge of copycat postcards are being sent to the bureau with your name on them, each claiming to be confessing a crime if you'll take the time to solve them. Most are discarded as hoaxes, but a select few are deemed to be legitimate and forwarded to you.

Each card contains a confession, a name, and a location. Crack the codes to help bring these criminals to justice.”

Review: Coming Soon!

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