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MindQuest Live Orlando is an exciting locally-owned Escape Room in Orlando, Florida. The owner, Lee, prides himself as one of the original Escape Rooms in Orlando and that his rooms were built with passion and creativity! MindQuest Live Orlando is home to just one or two rooms, but houses five unique games; The Haunting, Cyber Crash, The Bomb, Mad Scientist, and Diamond Heist! The rooms are created with detail in mind! Each room, MindQuest Live has introduced for play has gotten better and better! This location is great for experienced players and people just discovering the amazing past-time of Escape Rooms.

MindQuest Live has an adventure for everyone, from cracking secret codes to solving family secrets. Players all have the chance to grow from new beginners to seasoned experts at this location. The owner truly cares if you have a fun time and will go out of his way to make it so.

The Haunting Escape Room Review

Price: $26 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate/Expert


MindQuest Live’s The Haunting Escape Room is a thrilling adventure through a mansion filled with dark secrets within its walls. The puzzles are unique as you try to finish the quest of your paranormal hunting predecessors. The room gives you that delicious anxiety as you go puzzle to puzzle and attempt to figure out the mystery of the Worthington Mansion.

MindQuest The Haunting Escape Room Review

MindQuest The Haunting Escape Room Review

Story:  There are those that say that Worthington Mansion is haunted, if not by spirits then by terrible secrets hidden somewhere in the home. Your job is to confirm or disprove that this site is haunted, and if it is haunted, find a way to cleanse the home of any entities that may linger there once and for all... Other Paranormal Investigators have tried and failed. You must pick up where they left off and unravel the mysteries that they could not. The truth awaits in the shadows of Worthington Mansion, and only you can bring it to light.

Immersion: The room is well decorated and is designed to build anticipation as you work through the different puzzles. Everything within the room makes sense and you even get to work with an EMF Meter in your search!

Game Style: Adventure/Escape

Game Flow:  The flow of the game is smooth, never giving you a moment to rest. As you move through the game you unlock more information about your objective and it pushed you to escape or else!

Puzzles: The puzzles are unique and thematic leading to a fun run through a haunted mansion. There are some unique puzzles that are challenging, but don’t take away from the game.

Game Master: The Game Master’s involvement is almost un-involved as the clues are delivered through a TV screen.

Group Size Suggestion:  2-6

Final Thoughts: Pay attention to the small details of this room and be prepared for quite the scream!

Cyber Crash Escape Room Review

Price: $26 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate
Cyber Crash Escape Room 3 Stars

MindQuest Live’s Cyber Crash Escape Room sets you on the run after a computer hacker who is trying to insight anarchy and infiltrate the world’s personal information. Cyber Crash is a solid game with a few puzzles that would be considered hard to some but easy to others. Once you crack the hacker’s lair, the room feels busy and unorganized like the mind of an obsessive recluse wielding weapons of destructive technology. In this game, use the space and your clues wisely.

Story: Sources have identified Cyrus Berringer, A.K.A. "CYBER" as the lone mastermind responsible for infiltrating a system which has not only granted him access to unlimited private information of every person on earth but also gives him control of government intelligence databases, including weapons and missile defense systems. CYBER is a recluse obsessed with technology. There's no telling what he's capable of. YOU must stop him! Find his secret lair, break into his master computer and upload a virus that will CRASH CYBER's mainframe once and for all.

Cyber Crash Escape Room Review

Cyber Crash Escape Room Review

Immersion: The initial room is simple except for an awesome “old fashion” telephone. The next room, is dark and the Escape Crusaders expected angry music to be blaring in the work space. Make sure to explore all of the room as you attempt to stop Cyber!

Game Style: Stop The Villain

Game Flow: The game flow is a bit rough with a few puzzles that can derail the game. If you feel you have come across a stalemate, ask for a clue! There is a lot to do in this room, stay busy!

Puzzles: Many of the puzzles are fun, but can be challenging when put under pressure. Auditory skills, navigation, and fresh batteries would be beneficial in this game.

Game Master: The Game Masters involvement is minimal. When the Escape Crusaders ran into a snafu, the Game Masters were quick to fix the issue and move the game along!

Group Size Suggestion:  2-6

Final Thoughts: If you don’t have a dial tone, panic!!

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