Meet the Team

Sean with the Boys!

Sean with the Boys!


Sean (Jacksonville, Florida), dad of twin boys, digital marketer, and a huge Jacksonville Jaguars Fan! His skills include:

  • Word Combination Sleuth

  • Strength

  • Hyper Focus!

  • An uncanny inability to open locks the first time…

Lindie with the boys!

Lindie with the boys!


Lindie (Jacksonville, Florida), mom to twin boys, 5th grade teacher, and a massive fan of Dinosaurs! Her skills include:

  • Math “Expert”

  • Creative thinking

  • Master organizer of puzzle pieces

  • Does not enjoy dark places or taking clues

Dan smelling popcorn.

Dan smelling popcorn.

Dan Casey

Dan Casey (Jacksonville, Florida), dad to Jax the dog, Digital Marketer, and is a huge fan of Rugby! His skills include:

  • Pace Keeper

  • The first to request a clue

  • Enthusiasm to always do another room.

  • Master of understanding a puzzle and not knowing how to explain it to the team

Introducing Mrs. Casey!

Introducing Mrs. Casey!


Melissa (Jacksonville, Florida), mom to Jax the dog, Clinical Researcher, and health enthusiast! Her skills include:

• Room Energizer

• Morale Booster

• Has an ear for musical/sound puzzles

• Feels that everything is a clue… everything.

Peyton actually smiling.

Peyton actually smiling.


Peyton (Jacksonville, Florida), Operations Manager, video game aficionado, and a passionate traveler. His skills include:

• Problem Solver

• Strategist

• Makes observations everyone else misses

• Easily annoyed with “stupid”