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Mastermind Escape Room Jacksonville FL

Mastermind Escape Games is a national Escape Room company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They provide unique escape room experiences at each of their locations. In Jacksonville, Florida, Mastermind offers four quality games. As a company, it has a great focus on immersion, sometimes at the expense of a well-designed puzzle. Each game master is well-trained and stay in character as they talk you through the room. The unique clue system could cause players to avoid clues or, even worse, encourage players to “clue” their way out of the room. You have a tablet with you at every moment of the game that shows the time remaining in the room. There are QR codes around the room that you scan with the tablet that provides the clues. Getting a clue will add minutes to your escape time. The consensus from online sources is that the Bank Heist Escape Game is a top 3 in Jacksonville. Also, keep an eye out for deals with this company as they commonly run specials.

Sorcerer's Secret Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
Sorcerers Secret Escape Room Review

This room was above average, it was referred to has the Harry Potter Escape Room but it maintained the aesthetic of a magic/potion shop. It was a well rounded room that is great for beginners and experienced players. You do feel like you are helping a wizard solve a puzzle. This room is a great escape experience for kids and adults alike. 
Story: You arrive at your uncle’s magic shop to investigate his mysterious disappearance. It’s up to you to foil an evil Sorcerer’s plot against him and escape his magic lair before you suffer the same curse that befell your uncle.

Immersion: The room starts in a magic shop and only grows from that point. The attire of the room is very well done and enhances the magical environment.

Game Style: Find the Cure

Game Flow: The room is always moving the players to the next puzzle while collecting items for a future puzzle. 

Puzzles:  4 to 5 unique puzzles in this room. They make great use of the magic items that compliments the immersion in the room. 

Game Master: The Game will step in when you need a hand. One of the puzzles became impossible to be completed as the key was physically unable to be accessed, the game master noticed immediately and had a magical minion bring the key to our team to complete the puzzle. 

Group Size Suggestion:  2-7

Lost In Time Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner
Lost in time escape room review

Everyone thinks of time travel as a dream but Mastermind makes this dream a reality. You begin in the wild west and move forward in time as you progress through the room. The time periods work well together in this thrilling room. This is another family friendly room that would be great to introduce beginning escape enthusiasts to escape rooms, adults and children alike. 

Story: An object from the future has slipped back through time and landed in the distant past. You have volunteered to be a part of an extremely dangerous task force that will be traveling back in time to discover the origin of this horrendous event. You have one hour to find the missing object and return it to the correct time period, or the course of human history will be altered forever!

Immersion: This room is a great at giving the participant a feeling of being in the wild west, then leads you into the distant future.

Game Style: Find the treasure

Game Flow: A fluid room that is able to crossing between genres. You never have to worry about finding the next puzzle piece, you just need to find the solution to the next puzzle.

Puzzles:  The room has many unique puzzles. This room contains few locks leading to a magical feel as participants are opening doors and boxes without touching them.

Game Master: The clue system will make the need of the game master less but these game masters are very good about stepping in when they see a team in need. The game master for this room stayed in character, maintaining a wild west accent for the full duration of the room.

Group Size Suggestion:  2-7

Outbreak: Find The Cure Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate
Outbreak find the cure escape room review

As you enter the Outbreak Escape Game you find that you are actually a visitor in a lab. You are given a visitors badge to cement the fact that you are in an access restricted area. As the game master starts the game, the participants find that the doctor has accidentally released a Dooms Day virus and you only have an hour to find the cure before it infects you all. As a visitor, you will race through different scientific experiments looking for clues as to where the cure is hidden. This is a fun game that suits smaller groups. Groups of 9 or more will find the game lacking and will miss out on puzzles. 

Story: An educational tour of the CDC goes horribly awry when a deadly experimental virus is accidentally released into the ventilation system. It’s up to you to discover the cure and escape the lab before your whole team is infected!

Immersion:  The immersion in this room is again great. Mastermind doesn't mess around when it comes to immersion proving they are a quality company. No player visiting a Mastermind game will be disappointed.

Game Style: Find the cure.

Game Flow:  The game flow of this room is clunky but only noticeable with larger groups. You will find that team members will solve puzzles you won't be around for. 

Puzzles:  The puzzles are spread out and members of the group may miss out on the "Ah Ha" moments in the game. All of the the tasks are well designed from the start. The best puzzle is a perception game. 

Game Master: All of the game masters are well trained and love escape games so this always makes the room fun. The clue system is a bit disappointing as it adds minutes on to your final time if you use them. 

Group Size Suggestion:  4-7

Bank Heist Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Expert
Bank Heist Escape Room Review

Bank Heist starts you in a high pressure situation that cranks up the difficulty. This is by far the best room at Mastermind Escape Rooms Jacksonville.  The room has literally no loss of immersion and everything is done so well including the leader of the crew (game master) bringing you from the lobby to the room. Bank Heist has an immense amount of puzzles that will push the best groups to the limit. This is a top five game in Jacksonville and should be saved as the cherry on top at Mastermind Games.

Story: You have joined a notorious crime syndicate and your mob boss has a job for you to prove your worth: rob a bank. You only have 60 minutes to acquire as much cash as you can from the vault before the cops arrive! Can you escape? More importantly, how much loot can you get first?

Immersion:  This is the second most immersive game that Escape Crusaders have experienced. The participants walk into a screeching alarms that discombobulates those escaping but is easy to turn off. 

Game Style: Escape with all the money

Game Flow:  The game flow of this room is fluid and the players must move through all of the puzzles quickly. 

Puzzles:  The amount of puzzles in Bank Heist were staggering. The puzzles are unique and very well designed. This is a fun room because of the puzzles. 

Game Master: The game master, Austin, was truly fantastic as he was our crews leader for the daring robbery. The clue system does hurt the overall feel of the game but won't pull you out of the escape. 

Group Size Suggestion:  4-9


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