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Lockbuster’s Escape Room Review Orlando

Lockbuster’s Escape Rooms in Orlando, Florida are some the most beautifully built rooms in the area if not the nation. Every room the players enter, they pause and admire the craftsmanship that has gone into every detail. The team at Lockbuster’s did a fantastic job when setting the scene for their rooms but the design does leave a bit to be desired in terms of gameplay. These rooms are great for people new to escape rooms! At Lockbuster’s, you get the thematic details you get from a theme park and here you get the extra fun part of actually touching the props and moving through the game. It’s a truly marvelous experience.

Although, the immersion was beautiful, the game flow and puzzle designs leave you a bit underwhelmed. The Escape Crusaders expected the puzzles to be as creative as the immersion, yet, we felt that some of the puzzles left us expecting more. This did not take away from the level of fun in the rooms, but this made our experience not overly challenging and too short lived.

The Collector Escape Room Review

Price: $32 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner


The Collector Escape Room at Lockbuster’s is a spooky experience for the thrill seeking escape fan. The set design is beyond creepy and any madly murderous individual will feel right at home in this room. The puzzles are creative and this is the room that we would recommend to anyone currently visiting Lockbuster’s. The flow of the room is steady with fun details. The only hope for this room was that we were waiting for a suspenseful peak in the game, that never really got there. It ended with a confusing puzzle that can be easily misinterpreted and when we reach the end we were asking ourselves, “Is that it?”

The Collector Escape Room Review

The Collector Escape Room Review

Story: You and your friends have been abducted by The Collector. Can you outsmart this paranoid killer in your effort to escape his bloody grasp?

Immersion: This is the game, it is completely about immersion. All of the scenery is done to a degree that is movie quality. Lockbuster’s has thought about all of the details within the room, from the lighting as you move through your escape, to the props you encounter. This room is beautiful

Game Style: Horror/Adventure

Game Flow: The game flow is steady and never really speeds up in the room. We never felt the intensity increase. You start this game anxious and excited, and as you progress you are waiting for more excitement that doesn’t really come.  

Puzzles: None of the puzzles are too hard but one of the puzzles in the room does require at least 3 people to complete. Although, many of the puzzles were fun, some puzzles felt out of place and at times some were hard to decipher. Overall, this room tried to stay true to its theme when they developed their puzzles.

Game Master: The Game Master is involved in a few sections of the room. Many of the Game Masters are very enthusiastic and are there to make sure you have a great experience!

Group Size Suggestion:  3-5

Final Thoughts: Make sure to admire the gory details throughout the room, and don’t forget to explore the cadaver!

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