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The Escape Game Orlando Escape Game Reviews

The Escape Game in Orlando, Florida has great immersion in their rooms. Simple design yet attention to detail help raise the excitement of their games. These rooms are great for people who have some experience with escape rooms, each room has many challenges. Even though experienced escape game players can enjoy a challenge here, beginners will still be able to have fun and succeed in each room.

In each room at The Escape Game, we are truly amazed at the attention to detail and how each clue and puzzle ties into the theme.

Special Ops: Mysterious Market Escape Room Review

Price: $35 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate


You really cannot predict anything in this room! You are truly an undercover agent in this room! The thrills just keep coming! The entire room puts you right in the middle of a Middle Eastern country, the smells, the lighting, the sounds; even the items placed all around the room are directly from Morocco and other places. There are several twists in this room that really had me saying “WOW”!

The Collector Escape Room Review

The Collector Escape Room Review

Story: It started as a routine operation. You and your fellow field agents were sent to investigate the area’s local market. It’s late, it’s quiet… but something’s not quite right. Just as you are about to wrap up your inspection, you encounter a twist you never expected. Should you have seen this coming?

Immersion: Everything about this room had me feeling like I was in a market place out in Morocco or another eastern country. The lighting and music along with every single item used really put you into the theme, as the storyline changes a little bit you never feel like you’re out of the theme. This room was really a treat for us!

Game Style: Covert Operation/Mission

Game Flow: There were a few items that I thought we part of the puzzle/ clue system but that’s okay because once we got back on track the theme and decorations pulled us back into the gameplay and we didn’t miss a beat. I never felt lost or disappointed. I just felt a little bit stumped on some clues which are to be expected. 

Puzzles: Every puzzle in this entire room fit the theme and style of the story. The puzzles helped to add value and excitement to the story and gameplay. The puzzles actually really helped keep the flow of the game moving along. Each puzzle had its own “wow” factor and we were truly impressed even though we had difficulty several times.

Game Master: The game master was very kind and allowed us to use clues and ask for help. When she saw that we were close to discovering the answer she would gently ask us questions to get us moving along again. She gave us help without taking away the fun of getting the answers on our own.  This was really helpful as there were only 2 of us playing, 2 players are the very minimum so we really used all the help we could get.

Group Size Suggestion:  2-8

Final Thoughts: This has been one of my favorite games. There were only a couple of puzzles/ items in the room that I would have changed due to difficulty. Overall this game was really a treat and I enjoyed myself the entire time!

 Orlando Escape Room Reviews

The Collector Escape Room Review

Price: $32 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner


The Pirate Adventure Escape Room at Lockbuster’s is an experience for those looking for beautiful immersion. This game is linear, and moves quickly. Although we really enjoyed our experience, we were left wanting more! This is a room that we highly recommend for anyone that ever want to chase buried treasure or is a pirate at heart.

Story: Set sail in the Sea Dog on an adventure to find Captain Bonefish's lost treasure.

Pirate Adventure Lockbusters Escape Room

Pirate Adventure Lockbusters Escape Room

Immersion: This company is known for their set designs, and this room does not disappoint! The owners have a keen eye for detail and deserve all of the praise they receive! While playing this game, you forget that you are located in the heart of Orlando! This room is quite the adventure!

Game Style: Adventure

Game Flow: The game flow is linear and smooth. The puzzles are fun but not too difficult. We ran into one issue, but we will play that off as human error on our part.

Puzzles: None of the puzzles are hard and this is why we would recommend this as a starter room for new escapers. All of the puzzles fit the theme but the lighting in the room does play tricks on you. Be sure to pay attention to detail!

Game Master: The Game Master is involved in a few sections of the room. The Game Masters are very enthusiastic and are there to make sure you have a great experience!

Group Size Suggestion:  2-8

Final Thoughts: We recommend taking your time and admiring every part of this room. It’s really cool to see the time and dedication at each interval. We do have one disclaimer, if your group has young children that are sensitive,  be warned that you travel through parts containing realistic skeletons.


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