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Escape Crusaders is an enthusiast's page for developing, reviewing and furthering escape rooms. Through experience and passion this page looks to garner more exposure for escape rooms in Florida with a hope to eventually do all of the South East and beyond. This group was started by one person forcing many doubters into a birthday game that lead to an obsession. 

We encourage our visitors to contact us and let us know what rooms we should do next from Jacksonville To Miami. We are hoping to complete an Escape Room Review for every Florida Escape Game.

Jacksonville Escape Rooms

The Jacksonville Escape Room community is growing fast! With Jacksonville being one of the most up and coming cities in the United States, it is easy to see the possibility of adventures for Escape Room enthusiasts!  On average, the locations in Jacksonville recommend group sizes of 4 to 6 and are typically in the intermediate range. There are a few 5 star rooms all scattered about Jacksonville! The Escape Crusaders have completed many of the Jacksonville Escape Rooms and have shared their reviews and experiences on this site. There are many different themes, difficulties, and puzzles at all of the locations in Jacksonville and there is something for everyone in the family! The Escape Crusaders find that the best rooms include a mix of scavenging, critical thinking, and unique puzzles. One of the most important aspects is the attention to detail when immersing the players.  Players will be able to find a fun room to play any day of the week (Thursdays generally being the easiest to find a room). Most of the Jacksonville Escape Rooms offer discounts, including some through Escape Crusaders like Breakout Games! Check out our reviews to find the right room for you! Happy Escaping!

Jacksonville Escape Rooms

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·        One Way Out Jacksonville

·        The Great Escape

Jacksonville Escape Room Review Team

Jacksonville Escape Room Review Team

How We Review Escape Rooms Jacksonville FL

Escape Rooms usually consist of a small story that explains why participants are locked in a  room. During the escape game, participants are put through a series of puzzles and games to eventually lead to the escape of the room or even victory over the villain. We like to measure our rooms in a few categories Story, Immersion, Game Flow, Puzzle, and Game Masters. We also provide other information on the escape rooms by letting you know the game style, group size and escape experience needed. We don't want anyone going into a room they can't handle or where they feel defeated. All of our reviews are out of 5 stars and we will warn you when we don't suggest children going into the room like the Kidnapping Escape Game at Break Out games.