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Escape Goat Escape Rooms in Winter Garden, Florida is a locally-based Escape Room with the best family atmosphere! Run by a family with a love of theater, this location has a happy feel from start to finish! They are currently the only Escape Room company located in the Winter Garden area. They provide top notch customer service and the Game Masters are fun and creative!  

Escape Goat Escape Rooms will keep you immersed and  each room has a costumed actor to guide you through your experience. The actors in each room do double duty as the Game Master and as part of the story line. The Game Master’s all do a wonderful job, which is refreshing, since the Escape Crusaders were hesitant to play due to having poor previous experiences with Escape Room employees in the room. Escape Goat offers fun tasks in the rooms in addition to completing Special Achievements  so you can get a lock with your initials on the wall. The Escape Crusaders can be found with a lock by completing the Father’s Day Challenge of the most Dad Jokes! “What did the dad do to the waiter who gave him the wrong food? He gave him a pizza of his mind!” Obviously, the Escape Crusaders had that one in the bag!

Camp Echo Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner


Camp Echo Escape Game is easily the most fun game at Escape Goat. It is a great room to take your kids to but challenging and fun enough to do as a group of adults. If you want to have a great time in this room buy into the story line and echo what the Game Master does.

Story:  You have just arrived at summer camp!  You are eagerly greeted by your camp counselor when suddenly the camp legend Zilla interrupts.  You must now save Camp from its doom. 

Escape Goat Camp Echo

Escape Goat Camp Echo

Immersion: The immersion in this room is fantastic. When players step into the room, you feel like you are in the middle of summer camp. You are thrown back to times of s’mores and camp fire songs! The craft of this room is excellent! If a team doesn’t make it out they get a different type of submersion!

Game Style: Defeat the enemy

Game Flow:  The room is going to feel like it goes by quickly as all the puzzles align well. Players will always have something to do no matter the size of the group. Be sure to think like a sneaky camper and don’t be afraid to explore the cabin!

Puzzles: The puzzles were really well done and even take advantage of the story. This room’s puzzles are cleverly summer-camp-themed and not overly complicated making it fun for beginners but challenging enough for seasoned Escape Room players.  

Game Master: Escape Crusaders’ favorite Game Master was a great part of the story; she plays your trusted camp counselor. She was very good at completing the immersion and making sure the game stayed fun and fluid. The clues she gave didn’t give away the puzzle and were never misleading. She really made our experience in tents! (** Summer Camp humor!!**)

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8

Final Thoughts: The Escape Crusaders insist that you play your part of being a camper and jump right in to the Summer Camp festivities!!! Don’t forget to listen for the ECHO!!

221B The Study Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate
221B The Study Room Review  three and a half stars

The 221 B The Study Escape Game at Escape Goat is a Sherlock Holmes themed adventure. This game is very logical, and Sherlock’s study is tidy and full of clever puzzles. With the puzzles in the room and the family feel added by the staff at Escape Goat, players will have a fun time trying to keep Sherlock out of trouble! **This room is sadly going to be discontinued to make space for new and exciting  adventures so give this room a go as soon as you can!

Story: Dr. John Watson has called upon you because you are some of the finest detectives in the area. Sherlock has gotten himself into a bit of a conundrum and needs your help.  The game is afoot!

Immersion: As you step in you feel as though you have entered the Study of Sherlock himself. The immersion in this room very well done from the intricate wall paper to a lit fireplace!

Game Style: Find An Item

Game Flow: This room contains lots of puzzles! You will need to use a balance of teamwork and communication as you work your way through the room!

Puzzles: Many of the puzzles in The Study are perfect for Sherlock fans, they are clever and need logic to solve!  

Game Master: The Game Master was a fun addition to the experience in The Study. Sherlock’s Chauffeur is quite the resourceful guy and knows every detail of The Study!

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8

Final Thoughts: You will need to think outside of the box when attempting this adventure!

Area 51 Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate
Area 51 Escape Room Review three stars

Area 51 Escape Room is one of the easier rooms at Escape Goat. It has fun a theme with lots of Easter eggs. As you step into Area 51, the room has a fun feel with good puzzles. There are many awesome props and design details throughout the experience! Be sure to listen closely for fun details throughout this game. Don’t forget to find the Goat!

Story: Welcome recruits to your first day of training! You arrive at the Area 51 facility to meet with your trainer, Professor Vangeli and to start your new assignment in the catalog department.  It doesn't take long to realize why many recruits don't last very long in this department.  Do you have what it takes to survive your first day of training?

Escape Goat Area 51 Review

Escape Goat Area 51 Review

Immersion: The immersion is well done. You feel like you are in the Catalog Department of the military. The room has an initial feeling of being intentionally plain but as you movie through the game things are not what they seem!

Game Style: Real Life/Fantasy

Game Flow: The game flow is non-linear, players can have multiple groups solving different puzzles. Many of the puzzles are fun and need team work to solve!

Puzzles: All of the puzzles fit the theme of the room. There are a couple puzzles that are very unique and super fun to complete!

Game Master: The Game Master is in the room the room with you and plays a fun part of the story!

Group Size Suggestion:  4-6

Final Thoughts: Keep an eye and ear out for Unidentified Creatures throughout the room!

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