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Escape Artists Orlando is a fun locally owned Escape Room in Sanford, Florida. The owners of Escape Artists are Escape Room enthusiasts, and with over 70 games under their belts, they made the leap into designing and running a fantastic location! The rooms give off the feel of a true enthusiast’s passion. They reach for memorable moments in each room, and succeed gracefully. This location houses two detailed rooms, The Cat Burglar and The Rest Easy Motel. The puzzles in the The Rest Easy Motel will leave you talking for months.

The rooms are thematic and carry awesome puzzles! The location has an intriguing feel upon entering that easies the mind and prepares you for an Escape Room. The lobby is clean and even has an “I Spy” puzzle in the works! The Escape Artists location is already looking to grow further as they are working on two new rooms. Be sure to keep an eye out for cleverly placed Easter Eggs of the story within each room!


The Rest Easy Motel Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate
 The Rest Easy Motel Escape Room Review

The Escape Artists’ Rest Easy Motel Escape Room is exactly what you would expect in a run down-on the skirts of town-serial killer’s paradise! As you walk in to check-in at the front desk, feelings of dread and worry add to the delicious anxiety from this great Escape Room.  The room is built for Escape Room enthusiasts to have a blast and challenge their minds. The team works through a litany of unique puzzles in an attempt to figure out the mystery behind the disappearances its visitors. A fantastically fun and unique concept has given anyone visiting Sanford something truly entertaining to do along with a relaxing stroll in downtown. Enjoy the creepy feel of a local motel with a Psycho feel!

The Rest Easy Motel Escape Room Review

The Rest Easy Motel Escape Room Review

Story: Some strange disappearances have taken place at the Rest Easy Motel. Everyone suspects the manager but no proof or motive has ever been found.
Can you solve the mystery; find the proof of who is responsible for the disappearances and escape before the manager returns?

Immersion: The room contains perfectly places mildew stains and the promise of bad turn-down service! You feel as if you are stuck in a dilapidated motel in the middle of nowhere, and that is just the way it should feel!

Game Style: Find the killer

Game Flow: The room contains many puzzles and tasks which keeps the players moving throughout the game. The game flow is clean and builds anticipation.

Puzzles: The puzzles are fun and reward the observant player. They keep you moving as you piece together clues to identify the creepy killer! There is a little bit of every type of puzzle in this room!

Game Master: The Game Master’s involvement in the room in minimal at best; this allows the players to stay immersed in the game.

Group Size Suggestion:  2-6

Final Thoughts: Don’t bother unpacking, you don’t want to become a permanent resident!


The Cat Burglar Escape Room Review

Price: $28 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
 The Cat Burglar Escape Room Review

The Escape Artists’ Cat Burglar Escape Room is a fun twist on the stealthy thief theme. As you enter the room, you feel like you are intruding on an eccentric millionaire’s private study filled with mystery and elaborate trophies! This is going to be the game that all ages are going to have fun doing. 

Story: You and your team are the best cat burglars in the world. You will need to penetrate a billionaire’s mansion, steal his offshore bank account codes, and escape with the codes AND your life. Mr. Bestunkovich is not known for taking prisoners, so if you are caught, you may not live to tell about it. If you succeed, the reward will be worth the risk.

Immersion: Lucky for you and your team, the owner of this study is not at home. Looking around the room, and seeing his collection, you know you do not want to get caught red handed!

Game Style: Steal the treasure

The Cat Burglar Escape Room Review

The Cat Burglar Escape Room Review

Game Flow: The game flow is smooth with some tricky points. Everything you need to solve the puzzles are within the room! Be observant!

Puzzles: The puzzles are creative and interactive and you feel like a master thief as you use gadgets to break through puzzle after puzzle. You will need to use some outside of the box thinking!

Game Master: The Game Masters involvement is minimal; however, this is keeps you immersed in the game.

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8

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