Reviews for Xscape Our Rooms

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The Escape Crusaders got to enjoy a new venue in St. Augustine called Xscape Our Rooms. It was such a fun experience! The Escape Crusaders were able to compete in their first challenge room, The Chamber (Ladies versus Gentlemen)! The Chamber was an excellent room with a great feel and flow. It has a minimalist design with great surprises and fun technology usage. 

We were also able to play in Blackbeard's Brig a solid pirate ship pillaging and plundering through the Caribbean. We ran through it quickly but were able to enjoy the unique puzzles offered below deck. 

Escape Our Room Escape Rooms

Escape Our Room Escape Rooms

The last room that we played was the Prohibition which set us on the search for a Mob Boss in the early 1920s. This game was very linear and the owners took great care in adding great details within the game! The Prohibition Escape Room was a fun and thematic room that would be great for beginners. 

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