What Is An Escape Room?

Escape rooms often involve locking you in  a room for an hour, forcing you to solve its puzzles and mysteries before you can get out. They're a lot of fun, and a much and a much cooler way to spend an hour than seeing Hollywood's monthly Spider-Man Reboots.

Escape rooms are the new entertainment venue sensation taking the country by storm! A puzzle-solving team made up of 2-12 people enters a unique, theme-based room and has 60 minutes to solve the clues that will unlock the door. Within each room are puzzles, clues, and codes that must be deciphered. Sometimes a clue will lead you to another clue,a way out, or even a hidden room! All with the pulse-pounding thrill of trying to beat the clock, while watching the minutes tick away.


The set-up is simple. Get together with some of your friends (up to 10 for private parties!) and book a time! Once booked, make sure to come at least 15 minutes early (we recommend 30 minutes!). 
Most companies have a comfortable hangout zone where you can relax, or play some fun games while you wait! Clients should schedule an hour in advance as rooms have to start on time for each group, whether you are there or not! So make sure you prepare accordingly and get there with time to spare! 

The game master will introduce you to the scenario and layout the rules, then the time limit is set and you're on your own! While in the game, you and your team must work together to solve the puzzles laid out for you and escape within 1 hour. This is an interactive and cooperative game. You’re expected to work with your teammates and explore the scenario laid out in front of you. While doing so, you’ll be exposed to an intricate back story, and feel like you’re right in the middle or it!

The set-up iѕ simple. Get together with some of your friends (up to 10 for private parties!) and book a time!

The set-up iѕ simple. Get together with some of your friends (up to 10 for private parties!) and book a time!


Basically, there are two parts to an escape room. When you are in the room, you have to look around carefully and try to find clues by moving objects, locating keys and utilizing combinations for locks. Then, you will need to match these things using logic in order to figure out how to solve the puzzles. A puzzle may connect to another puzzle… or maybe not!  Some clues are meant for later stages of the game. If you are not sure how to use a clue, move on and come back to it when you have more information.

Each key fits one lock only. Some keys may not fit any lock. You cannot use a key more than once. You cannot use a code more than once.
This is an intellectual game, you will not need to use brute force, climb on objects or destroy props. 

Objects that are marked with "Do not touch" are out of bounds and do not contain any clues. They should not be moved. Don't waste your time on them, your hour will go fast. 
 You are not literally locked in, it is just a term for the game. We would also like to mention, based on our experience, guests who are claustrophobic NO problems at all and just have fun during the game. If you need to leave the room for any reason, you can re-enter the game.

Typically, there are cameras in the room that will monitor your progress at all times for safety. There is a countdown clock showing you how much time you have left.  If at any time during the game, you feel stuck, you can ask for a clue, however, we recommend waiting 15 minutes before you ask for the first one. Each company has their own rules dealing with clues, some offer unlimited clues, others only 3, and a few offer clues once you find an item that you can turn in for a clue. Remember the goal of the game is to “escape” and solve the objective, but if you can’t solve a puzzle, asking for a hint, can keep you moving forward and headed for success!