Escape Rooms Adventures outside of FL

Escape Room Adventures

I know that the Escape Crusaders are pretty consistent with Florida but we go on escape room adventures all the time all over the United States!

I am going to Highlight 3 places that we went to in no particular order that we thought was worth your while to see. The reason why I liked these escape rooms was because they were mom and pop style, home grown rooms.

I think I am getting tired of seeing the lack of effort in the rooms that are not created by owners. Don’t get me wrong some of those types are very good but some you can tell are just not as passionate.

The Perfect Escape - Wong’s Chinese

This was a fun room with a historical touch from the owners family past. The room is located near Arlington Texas. This particular room is linear and has a good flow for a group of 6 or more. The room is a replica of the owner’s family restaurant and features fun puzzles for novice to mid level players. If your in the area check out The Perfect Escape

Room X Escape

room x escape chicago .jpg

What a fun room that at the time was run by one guy… the owner. The clues were unique and diy but really worked with the room. At the time we went there were only 2 rooms, an Egyptian room and a pirate room. I really enjoyed the level of difficulty and the creativity to make the rooms look soo good with it being in a skyscraper business office. Check it out if you are in the Chicago area, Room X Escape.

Entrap Games in Wichita

entrap games wichita.jpg

First off If you have not been to Wichita GO! I think some of the nicest people for in the country live there! This escape room was great because they teamed up with other rooms in the area to create a system that would allow a player to play a variety of rooms for different establishments. It was like a little card system you could be apart of.

We did the cereal killer room and that was A LOT OF FUN. Mostly because Melissa has a hard time with that theme and gets scared pretty easily. So if you are in Wichita check out Entrap Games