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Daytona Escape Room Experience Daytona Beach FL

Daytona Escape Room Experience is a locally-owned Escape Room in South Daytona, Florida that does everything right! This location brings two rooms that provide a challenging experience with a lot of fun; The Ransom and The Black Jewel. Daytona Escape Room Experience can handle any age group as the owners have done everything to cater to the audience at hand. Daytona Escape Room Experience is a mom and son team that share a passion for escape rooms and it clearly shows!

When you pull up to the Daytona Escape Room Experience you don’t know what to expect but once you walk in you are greeted with smiling faces and professionalism.  The owners are very hands on in their rooms as they play the rolls of the Game Masters and creators of the rooms! The owners value feedback and are always looking to improve the quality and experience of their impressive rooms (though it may be hard, since they are so much fun!!). You will not only be surprised by the quality of the rooms but outright stunned by the execution of the location. Both owners will gladly walk you through all the puzzles and they aim for their customers to have the best game possible!

The Ransom Escape Room Review

Price: $25 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate
 The Ransom Room Escape Room Review

The Ransom Escape Room is an enthusiasts room as the puzzles are a bit more challenging but all logically done. The room is well designed with great hidden attributes. The décor is simple but does not take away from the experience!  

Story: Renowned author and world traveler, Daniel Mckenna, has enlisted the help of several interns to assist him in his research for his final novel. However, once inside you will find out you are there to do much more than just assist him in his research.

Immersion:  The Ransom Escape Room experience starts outside the door as Mr. Mckenna’s assistant attempts to inform him of your arrival. This introduction is fun and immersive! The room is set up nicely and it plays well with the theme.

Daytona Escape Room Experience The Ransom

Daytona Escape Room Experience The Ransom

Game Style: Find the Villain

Game Flow: The flow of the room was good. The Ransom mixed in all types of puzzles from scavenger hunts and logic puzzles to physical skill sets. The game flowed well, and as you play the challenges become more difficult and exciting!

Puzzles: The puzzles were well done in this room. The use of the room added to the challenge of the game. Great fun!

Game Master: The Game Master read the room well and was part of the immersion. She was very good with the clues and very attentive to the game. She was Mr. Mckenna’s assistant and started the game off outside of the room.

Group Size Suggestion:  2-5

Final Thought:  Paying attention to details and communication are very important when playing this room!

The Black Jewel Escape Room Review

Price: $25 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate
 The Black Jewel Escape Room Review

The Black Jewel Escape Room is the “Must Do” room at Daytona Escape Room Experience and the pride of the owners. This room can handle small groups but is great for corporate bookings, and large crews of family and friends This room starts with a twist and quickly moves through fun and challenging puzzles! Get ready for an exciting time in the foggy brig of the Black Jewel!

Story: During a violent storm, you and your fellow landlubbers have capsized your vessel near an outcropping of small islands. Thankfully a large ship is approaching - you have been saved! However, when the crew brings you aboard, you suddenly realize you're on the infamous pirate ship "The Black Jewel" with Captain Jack Blackerby. Tales of his guzzling down rum, chasing busty wenches at nearby ports and sending prisoners to Davy Jones' locker have traveled near and far. Captain Blackerby trusts no one and doesn't allow strangers on his ship, but he is in desperate need of more swabbies for the ship. Unfortunately for you, the Captain sees you eyeing his treasure chests and has become convinced you are on board to hornswaggle him out of his fortune. The first mate has been ordered to lock everyone to the brig to await your fate. Meanwhile the captain has gathered his band of pirates and set off to find more loot to add to his fortune.

Daytona Escape Room Experience The Black Pearl

Daytona Escape Room Experience The Black Pearl

Immersion: Get your Dramamine ready because this pirate ship is amazing! The atmosphere was the key factor in this room from the real wood walls to the iron jail cell. The Daytona Escape Room Experience really knows how to keep an eye on details. The players are greeted by an eerie fog as they enter the pirate ship and only get further locked in as they attempt to escape the brig!

Game Style: Escape

Game Flow: Multiple puzzles are going on at one time. It makes it a nice team environment.

Puzzles: The puzzles in this room were excellent as it had one of the Escape Crusaders favorite teamwork puzzles. This room is all about working together, so don’t go in expecting to be the Captain of every situation.

Game Master: The Game Master played a pirate during the game and provider great hints when needed.

Group Size Suggestion:  3-8

Final Thought: It helps to talk like a pirate the whole time during this game!! Argh Matey!!


Daytona Escape Room Experience
681 Beville Rd
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