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The Asylum | The Dig | The Ringmaster

Dare 2 Escape Orlando is one of the best locally-owned Escape Rooms in the Orlando area. Dare 2 Escape puts a heavy emphasis on immersion and aims to give a full game experience. The rooms are thematic and even contain smell modifiers to give another level of immersion!  This location is owned by a group of friends with a shared passion for Halloween Horror Nights and Escape Rooms! The owners met on a Halloween Horror Night’s discussion forum. The Dare 2 Escape team used their love for haunted houses to build highly immersive rooms.

The rooms at Dare 2 Escape Orlando are some of the best that we have experienced! The escape rooms follow a story of the Tillman brothers and if you want a deeper experience have one of the Game Masters give the details on some of the Easter Eggs you can find in the room.  The rooms possess a movie-like feel and emit a sense of quality and professionalism. The experience starts in the lobby so chose well.

The Asylum Escape Room Review

Price: $29 per Person
Difficulty: Expert


Dare 2 Escape’s Asylum room is a bit of a haunted house room but the scary level can be turned up and down depending on what you can handle. If the Game Masters are seeing you have a good time with the scares they will kick it up a level. The Game Masters are so involved in this game that they become part of the experience!  The Escape Crusaders had the scare factor turned up to 10 and one of our Escape Crusaders is very jumpy, so it was one of the best experiences! Either way you choose, we expect that you will love this room!

Story: The year was 1940. Although women have made strides in gaining representation under the law, it remains easy to have them committed to an insane asylum. Victoria Sneed knows this all too well. Her father, the very wealthy Captain Sneed, who made his fortune from the opiate trade, has recently had his 22 year-old daughter committed to Dr. Paul Tillman’s Pleasant Home for the Insane. Victoria’s diagnosis is hysteria, a common “ailment” of women who questioned authority, challenged misogyny, or wanted a career. In Victoria’s case, she threatened to go to the authorities to report her father’s unsavory activities. Dr. Tillman, who was always seeking outside funding to further his “scientific” experiments, was not only aware of the Captain’s fortune, but was happy to relieve him of $1 million to silence the hysterical Victoria. Dr. Tillman enthusiastically suggested performing a lobotomy.


The good doctor has a penchant for torture. Hiding behind a facade of curing his patients, rumor has it that some of his experiments include ice baths, electroshock therapy, bloodletting, hanging people upside down for hours, and a variety of other gruesome tactics far too disturbing to mention. His success rate is bleak and the death toll is on the rise.

By the time the Pleasant Home for the Insane closed in 1967, there were many reports of strange, unexplained noises in the hallways, screams in the night, locked doors opening mysteriously, and sightings of malicious entities roaming the grounds.

The lights have been long turned off, and tonight you and your paranormal team are about to enter The Asylum for the first time since it closed its doors over forty years ago. You are there to conduct an investigation in the very same room of patient Victoria Sneed to determine her fate.

You head inside and make your way down the dark hallway towards the room. As you walk, you can feel the heaviness of energy surrounding you, making it hard to breathe. You finally reach Victoria’s room and head inside. As you and your team are investigating Victoria’s abandoned room in hopes to make contact with her, the door slams shut and locks you in from the outside. Unstable in life and unstable in death, the spirits here are angry and restless and you are now entering their world.

You have one hour to find evidence of Victoria’s unjust admittance and get out before the malevolent spirits obtain enough energy to materialize and trap you within the walls of the The Asylum forever.

Dare 2 Escape The Asylum

Dare 2 Escape The Asylum

Immersion: The immersion in this room is complete from the intense sound to the smell of mildew as you walk in the room. This room feels like it is straight out of Universal’s Halloween Horror nights. Be prepares for a heart pounding experience!

Game Style: Escape

Game Flow: The game flow is smooth but does have a large choke point. 

Puzzles: The puzzles are very fun be warned, math will get involved in this game. With the game intensifying as you play, the Escape Crusaders felt the focus was difficult because you never know who or what will spook you next!

Game Master: The Game Masters were all great at Dare 2 Escape but the game master for Asylum had to be fantastic since they are the ones delivering scares and clues at the same time.

Group Size Suggestion:  4-7

Final Thought: At the end of the experience, be sure to walk back through the room, if time allots and take in the awesome details, especially the smells!

The Dig Escape Room Review

Price: $29 per Person
Difficulty: Expert


Dare 2 Escape’s The Dig is a family favorite and who doesn’t love a good fossil excavation! This was such a fun game and the room at Dare 2 Escape best suited for the full family experience. As you walk into the burlap tent you are transported to Africa at night and it is cold to start. The room still calls back to the story Dare 2 Escape has running through their rooms and if you look at the names you may notice some Jurassic Park references. Players may get a bit sandy in the in the Deserts of Africa but that is just part of the fun!

Story: In the heart of the Northern Sahara Desert, famed archaeologist Dr. Eleanor Harding quickly discovered her dig site held more than artifacts of the past. As she dusted away the sand in the peak of the afternoon sun, she saw the gleam of an ivory bone staring back at her. By nightfall, she had exposed the full skeleton of a dinosaur that she had not ever seen before. Realizing she might be on the brink of uncovering a new species of dinosaur, she contacted you and your team of elite paleontologists to come and assist. You hastily take the first flight out of London knowing this find may be ground breaking. However, as you and your team land your Cessna in the desert, you discover an urgent radio transmission was sent out overnight by Dr. Harding. The transmission was heard as the following:

<Inaudible> the storm has picked up <Inaudible> we are leaving and seeking refuge at nearby <Inaudible> hurry before it’s too late <inaudible>Tillman knows about the find.

She and her team had to seek refuge from a sand storm, and in doing so, exposed her coordinates to her competitors, one of which is led by the notorious paleontologist Dr. Arthur Tillman, known for unjustly staking claim to digs that aren’t his. Satellite images of the area show that Dr. Tillman’s team is only an hour away from the dig site. You must now race to Dr. Harding’s campsite, uncover the clues in her pit, and bring forth the discovery before Dr. Arthur Tillman and his team arrive to stake claim of this historic find.

Dare 2 Escape The Dig

Dare 2 Escape The Dig

Immersion: This company really knows what it is doing when building rooms for immersion. Since the adventure is set at night, Dare 2 Escape even incorporates desert-like temperature differences to give a really cold feel as you walk into the room. The burlap tent gives an earthy smell to the experience!

Game Style: Find the Item

Game Flow: The game flow is mostly linear but at one point breaks into a couple of different puzzle lines. Team work is very important in this room!

Puzzles: The puzzles are calculated and purposeful.  

Game Master: The Game Master in this room does a great job as you may need him at the end but they are otherwise uninvolved in the room. Dare 2 Escape’s Game Masters are very attentive to the rooms and follow the players along on their journey to escape!

Group Size Suggestion:  2-6

The Ringmaster Escape Room Review

Price: $29 per Person
Difficulty: Expert


The Asylum is awesome, The Dig is great, but The Ringmaster stands alone at this location. Every detail is thought through and the passion shows through in the room! From start to finish you will be amped up to try and get through the twists and turns of this game. This carnival-based room encompasses all of the common side show freaks and geeks such as the Strongman, the daring Juggler, and even Fortune Tellers! The Ring Master is a collector of unique individuals, and if you have a hidden talent you may be his next main attraction!

Story: Traveling across the United States, the Tillman Brothers’ Carnival has arrived in the small town of Walton, Florida. Word spreads quickly of this mysterious Ringmaster that has traveled the country with his wide array of freaks, geeks, and misfits. The allure of this traveling freak show begins to draw lots of attention and attracts people of all ages so they can gaze upon the unbelievable, the unthinkable, and the unknown.

It’s Saturday, October 31, 1992, Halloween night, a perfect night to attend the opening of the Freak Show. You and a group of friends decide to head out for an unforgettable night filled with fun, food, and freaks. The fall night air is crisp and dark, only illuminated with neon lights of the carnival. The sounds of the attractions ring heavy with the smells of the cotton candy and popcorn lingering around every corner. The exhilarating screams of the carnival goers can be heard from blocks away as everyone seems to be enjoying their evening. But, those won’t be the only screams heard at the carnival tonight.

As you are standing in line for the Freak Show, an elusive figure wearing a top hat and a red jacket approaches you and your friends. He waves his wooden cane at you, beckoning you to follow him to the best seats in the house because you have been chosen as the lucky ones. Thrilled with this opportunity, you and your friends follow the Ringmaster into a side entrance to the main tent where he welcomes you into his personal dressing room. The musky room is covered in red and is illuminated with marquee lights and a small lamp. It’s quite dark, but there is enough light for you to see photos of grotesque freaks on the walls. You ask the Ringmaster about what you see, but the last thing you see is his scarred face before he hits you over the head with his wooden cane. In the background, as you are fading away, you can hear a cynical voice in the distance saying, “Welcome to my Carnival, where the lucky ones become part of the show!”


When you wake up, you glance at each other and make your way to the door, only to find it locked. Panic begins to set in as you realize that you have been caught by the elusive, mysterious Ringmaster who plans to turn you into his newest freaks for his traveling show. It has become clear now that the Ringmaster doesn’t find his freaks, he makes them.

You notice a clock on the wall and see the time is 9:00 pm, and you know the Ringmaster has an hour-long show in the main circus tent. You must now put your fears aside and work together as a team to escape before the show ends and the Ringmaster returns for you. Find his true identity and put a stop to his madness!

Dare 2 Escape The Ringmaster Escape Room

Dare 2 Escape The Ringmaster Escape Room

Immersion: The immersion is unbelievable in this game as you will recognize the smell of stale popcorn on this adventure. There are so many surprising details that leave you all the more excited for your escape!

Game Style: Escape

Game Flow: The game flow is great in this room, there is one puzzle that is a bit of a time eater, but the experience isn’t hindered. The game continually builds and the puzzles become more and more intense as time ticks away!

Puzzles: The puzzles are creative and interactive and at times it feels like you are never going to escape!

Game Master: The Game Master in the Dare 2 Escape rooms discuss clues and hints through a monitor which allows you to stay immersed in the experience. Keep an eye out for the sinister Ring Master, he is rather sneaky!

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8

Final Thoughts: There is a lot to do in this room, stay focused and stay busy!  

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