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Breakout Escape Rooms originated out of Lexington Kentucky and opened it's location in Jacksonville, Florida in 2016. This company excels in immersion and the use of non traditional puzzles. Breakout company is quickly expanding and plans to add an additional room to their current lineup. 

The Game Masters are knowledgeable at the Jacksonville location. This leads to an intricate knowledge of the rooms and smoother experience for the customers.  When booking out an entire room, however; Breakout is not as accommodating as other locations. Try to go to Breakout early in the day Saturday or on a Wednesday or Thursday night to get a private room.


Museum Heist Escape Room Review

The Room Is No Longer Available
Difficulty: Intermediate
Discount Code: ECJAX
 Museum Heist Escape Room Review

The Museum Heist escape room is one of the best the rooms at Breakout Games. This game does not need a private group to be fun. This room will leave you with many memorable moments. Make sure you watch every puzzle get solved as you enjoy escaping the Museum Heist Escape Game. 

Story: As former art thieves, you and your friends are hired to find a rare collection of stolen artwork on the eve of a prestigious gallery opening. Breaking your way into the thief’s home, you must follow clues, find the stolen goods and escape before the clock runs out. This game will give even the most experienced escape artist a run for their money.

Immersion: The immersion was fair but it didn't distract from the experience. There is room for improvement. The space could use more of an "Art Thief" feel.

Game Style: Defeat the Villain

Game Flow: The room had items that were unable to be moved with out hurting the flow of the room, however no warning/caution. The first puzzle was difficult to accomplish due to our large group, the game master had to give a clue immediately.

Puzzles:  The three memorable moments in this room all come from the unique puzzle

Game Master: The Game Master was aware that the first puzzle was vague and was willing to move the game along with a quick suggestion. The Game Master was observant and enthusiastic.

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8


Hostage Escape Room Review

Price: $24 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
Discount Code: ECJAX
 Hostage Escape Game Review

The Hostage Escape Game is linear based game that has a devious start. The participants begin the game handcuffed, blindfolded and chained to a bench. The first puzzle is good but the rest of the room is flawed. The entire game is focused around a single point in the room. The Hostage Escape Game does use technology very well but again the entire room has a choke point. No matter the number of people in the room, an entire group is watching 1 to 2 people attempt to solve puzzles while others step back.

Story: While on a flight, your plane is hijacked and you lose consciousness as the cabin depressurizes. Later you wake up and realize you're trapped, handcuffed to your friends, in the hijackers headquarters. Can you lose your handcuffs, find out the details behind their hijacking and escape before time's up?

Immersion: The room feels like a basement reminiscent to the Kidnapping room. The immersion was the best part of this room

Game Style: Escape

Game Flow: This is the room that would point out why game flow is one of the most important traits of an escape game. The puzzles are primarily located in one area, with limited resources to use around the room.

Puzzles:  The use of technology in this room is interesting, however; the rest of the puzzles were not memorable.

Game Master: The Game Master was close to unused in this game but did provide an obvious clue about midway through the game.

Group Size Suggestion:  2-5

Casino Escape Room Review

Price: $24 per Person
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
Discount Code: ECJAX
 Hostage Escape Game Review

The Casino Escape Room is truly an experience difficult to pinpoint. The room could easily be a 4-star room or a 2-star room depending on those playing. It is well put together but some of the puzzles can be a difficult and some parts of the room are unnecessary for the telling of the story. For players that lack a bit of information or experience from casino-style games, as the Escape Crusaders did (we are studying up now!) the game was frustrating at times. This room is advertised as the least difficult, but for the Crusaders, we were on the struggle bus!
If you love gambling and understand the rules of common casino games get ready to be a star! The puzzles are smooth if you have experience with casinos! This is a 007 lover’s dream room as the player will enjoy it shaken, not stirred.

Story: In this life-sized spy game, you will be sent on a trail of clues to discover the alias of a missing agent, and bring down the syndicate responsible for his disappearance. Follow unexpected twists and turns, break codes and channel your alter-ego secret agent to escape the room in an hour or less. If you’re down with espionage, this is your game.

Immersion: The room misses a few opportunities that Breakout Game’s other rooms take advantage of for a deeper immersive feel. Breakout could easily add a casino ambient sound track that would notch the immersion up and make the room much better. Other than that, the props are fun to interact with!

Game Style: Find A Person

Game Flow: The game flow is linear and has a few choke points.

Puzzles: If someone in your party loves casino games get ready to be on a record pace. If you don’t have any knowledge of a casino you will struggle and at times become frustrated. Once past the casino games, the room goes into some pretty standard escape room puzzles.  

Game Master: The game master did an excellent job at not giving away everything in a clue and was able to read the room well. He offered us the opportunity to turn down clues if he felt we were close when asked and that is a big deal when you want the team to feel successful.

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8

Final Thoughts: Make sure to do some research on casino games if you are interested in taking down this crime syndicate!


Kidnapping Escape Room Review

Price: $24 per Person
Difficulty: Intermediate/Expert
Discount Code: ECJAX
 Kidnapping  Escape Game Review

The Kidnapping Escape Game is an immersive horror experience. As you take off your blindfold, you realize you are trapped in a basement filled with what looks like a crazed serial killers tools. The room has standard Breakout Escape Rooms surprise puzzles. The participants move through using dismembered body parts of the previous victims to escape this serial killers games. 

Story: The kidnapping begins with you and your fellow captives waking up handcuffed and blindfolded in a strange room. With nothing but collective brainpower, hidden clues and 60 minutes on your side, you have to free yourselves before the kidnapper returns. A heart-pumping thriller from start to finish, you can expect a rush of non-stop fun.

Immersion: The room feels like a dark basement straight out of the Saw movies. The ambient noises are eerie and even adds to the game play.

Game Style: Horror/Escape

Game Flow: The flow is fantastic, you have to figure out how to escape before becoming a victim. The game did have one puzzle that was crucial for advancement that caused a bit of a choke point but it was not hard enough to ruin the game flow. 

Puzzles:  Use of the previous unlucky victims is fun and the puzzles are unique.  There are some misleading puzzles but nothing to hinder escape. 

Game Master: The Game Master was the most enthusiastic that Escape Crusaders has come across. She had a real desire to make the game the best experience for all of the participants. 

Group Size Suggestion:  3-6


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