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The Caretaker

America’s Escape Game in Orlando, Florida is one of the original Escape Rooms in the Orlando area. As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted by a friendly and enthusiastic staff.  Be sure to arrive early, and warm up with the America’s Escape Game Wall Lock Challenge! America’s Escape Game currently has six Escape Rooms. Each room offers different experiences and range in difficulty levels. America’s Escape Game Orlando is designed for larger groups but as a group of 4 we were still able to have a great time racing through the scenarios! Rooms such as Crisis at 1600, The Lost Tomb of Monthu, Pandemic depend on quick thinking and flawless teamwork at times, while Face Off (a competition room) and The Caretaker, amp up the adrenaline!  

The Caretaker Escape Room Review

Price: $39 per Person
Difficulty: Expert


The Caretaker Escape Room is an adrenaline inducing, fast paced Escape Game. The experience is filled with jump scares and creative puzzles. It is a room that requires patience and focus as much as it requires intelligence to complete. This game isn’t for everyone as one of the major themes of the room is frustration by using loud noises to interrupt conversations and prevent completion of puzzles. Not every puzzle requires the use of the mind but the skill of a steady hand. Players usage of clues in this room is very important as the game does have puzzles that will eat time to prevent a speedy escape. As the pace quickens, and the difficulty increases, more distractions are thrown at you and your team!

Story: Deep within the dark recesses of the forests in Oregon lies an evil like no other. A disbarred geneticist named Dr. Vermillion has unleashed a terror that has left a trail of death and destruction in its wake. A once decorated scientist, Vermillion has now been disgraced for conducting immoral experimentation on humans and animals. Seeking revenge for his disbarment, Vermillion has unleashed his brood of giant wolf-like creates onto the town of Fair Oaks. Military and law enforcement efforts have failed as the death toll continues to rise.
Deep within these woods lives a hermit the locals have come to know as The Caretaker. He has no hope to escape the terror that lurks in the woods around him without your help! Move quickly and quietly as Caretaker’s life depends on it.

America's Escape Game The Caretaker

America's Escape Game The Caretaker

Immersion: One of the best parts of the Caretake is the outside atmosphere of the game. As you begin the game, you just get the creeping feeling that things are going to reach out and grab you!

Game Style: Horror/Adventure

Game Flow: The game is fast paced. Before you make your way into the cabin, the tasks move quickly. As soon as you enter the cabin, you are smacked in the face with how much work needs to be done to move any further. The flow continues smoothly but comes to a dead halt when you reach a specific wooden puzzle. Once we moved passed that puzzle, the game flow resumed! The noises and scare tactics of the room create an anxiety that steadily increases as you progress through the room.

Puzzles: Many of the puzzles are fun and help add to the immersion. A couple puzzles can be a bit tedious and had a clue not been used on a specific wooden puzzle it could be game stopping. The Escape Crusaders made a unanimous vote to ask for a clue while solving the wooden puzzle, and we suggest you do the same!

Game Master: The Game Master is very involved in your experience. Not only do they provide clues when needed, they help guide you through the story.

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8

Final Thought: Clue usage will make or break this game for most groups.


THe Lost TOmb of Monthu

If you are looking for a fun take on a desert archeologist adventure, kind of like Indiana Jones, you have come to the right spot!

This review is based on the original version of the room which should give you insight on what to expect. America’s Escape Game has recently updated their room yet should have the same story line, here is what they have to say coming directly from their website:


We are super excited to see the different updates on the room.

Here is our breakdown of this room:

The Lost Tomb of Monthu Room Review

Price: $39 per Person
Difficulty: All Levels - Expert (Expert Will Enjoy yet can be done with Novice to medium level)


Story: “Jeffery Lowsley, a renowned Egyptologist, has gone missing after traveling to Egypt some weeks ago. Professor Lowsley was on a solo expedition where he’s attempting to prove his theory that a secret tomb exists linking ancient Egypt to a yet to be discovered lost civilization. Lowsley’s evidence stems from his belief that an ancient ruby lies somewhere in the tomb with the power to unlock the historical relations between ancient Egypt and this lost civilization.

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Unlock your inner explorer as you navigate the mysterious tomb. Be warned, tombs are always cryptic and filled with mystery – you will need to be shrewd, focused and open to all possibilities.”

Immersion: One of the best parts of the Lost Tomb of Monthu is that you are completely Immersed in what looks like a sandy tomb. You will find yourself looking at old relics while holding back the urge of making sand castles.

Game Style: Adventure

Game Flow: The game is not extremely fast paced yet has a great flow that makes sense. You will want to ensure your team is keeping up and pulling clues if you need them, you are looking for a hidden lost tomb.

Puzzles: Many of the puzzles are fun and help add to the immersion. The Escape Crusaders enjoyed how many of the puzzles were on point with the theme.

Game Master: The Game Master was involved to the point of when we requested assistance.

Group Size Suggestion:  4-8

Final Thought: Clue usage will help your game play if done at the right moments. The game was great and had lots of surprises giving you that ahh ha moment of kind of understanding what you have to do next while trying to figure out how to do it!


Pandemic is combines a suspenseful thriller with investigative skill / problem solving all based around you saving thea disease called Red Death! You are trying to complete the work of a doctor that


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