Escape Crusaders has cultivated many unique reviews on escape room experiences that will challenge your mind and keep your heart pounding until the very end. Artifacts, clues, cryptic symbols, and unexpected interactive materials used in each room guides players through exciting adventures.

Escape Crusaders is an independent review site for live escape room experiences based out of Jacksonville FL.

We tried one escape room in Orlando, FL and were immediately hooked. Instantly we started thinking about the process of what an escape room is… What kinds of themes could others come up with? What were their puzzles like? How did they theme their rooms? Are all escape rooms as much fun as this?

Like all types of games and experiences, they are not all created equal and can vary widely in their theming, atmosphere and puzzles. This site was created as a way to channel our enthusiasm for escape rooms and to provide some information and perspective on our experiences to hopefully encourage others to try an escape room experience, as well.


Escape Crusaders Escape Room Review Team

Escape Crusaders Escape Room Review Team

Our Escape Room Rating System:


We decide this category by the uniqueness and quality of puzzles. Are they challenging or just plain difficult, if they’re practical to the theme of the room or random, if they’re working properly or malfunctioning, if technologically based. Are they the same things we see everywhere or are they trying to be unique and different? We really enjoy when puzzles “fit” the experience!


Just as oxygen is necessary to breathing, the story is the lifeblood of escape rooms. The story is what pulls you in, and typically it is why you selected a particular room. The story is what drives the adventure. A solid story drives the other parts of the room and creates an opportunity to escape from everyday life to escaping from pirates or zombies! We typically ask ourselves; Is this room trying to be what it’s made out to be or is it just an empty room with a table and some lock boxes?


Immersion ranks just as high with the story of the rooms. Nothing can pull you out of an experience quicker than seeing an “Ikea” sticker on the bottom of an item in 19th Century Great Britain. Escape Crusaders starts by asking whether or not you feel like you’re there? How much does the room make you feel like you’re living out the backstory? We want to be enveloped into the story and play the role rather than just go into a room and do group Sudoku together. We think about when you are in a room, does everything fit together with the story, your role and the environment you’re in? The escape room should try and hit on all five senses including, room temperature, the atmosphere, lighting and decorations just to mention a few.

Game Master:

The Game Master can make or break an experience. And they should be just that, a master of the room you are in! It is important for a Game Master to know what they are doing, what they are watching, and when to step in! Some of our most memorable escapes have been when a Game Master has been able to read our group and when the times come and a clue is needed, the Game Master knows WHAT to deliver and HOW to deliver it! When Escape Crusaders visits a location, our first impressions start with the greeting at the door. Do you feel like they want to send you off to an adventure, or do you feel like they’re at work and want to ask if you want fries with that? Are they friendly and share your excitement, or do they just want to take your money and send you into the room to do your thing? Most importantly, are they helpful when it comes to hints, attentive to your team play and do they want you to have a good time?

We share a passion for escape rooms because we love exercising our brains, as well as venturing out of our busy lives once in a while for a brief “escape”. Escape rooms allow you to explore the unexpected and often pushes you out of your comfort zone!

We decided to create an escape room review site so that we can share our experiences with other players. With the rapidly increasing number of escape room businesses opening up in Jacksonville, Florida, we think it’s helpful to read reviews before deciding on which room to play. Room play can cost anywhere from $12 to $30+, and the price is not always an indication of the quality of the room.

We plan to write a personal review of any rooms that we try, based on our own opinions. the scores will then will be averaged out to make the overall score posted on the Rankings page. Our team is usually just the four of us, but sometimes we’ll invite other friends as well!

We hope you enjoy reading our reviews and find them helpful for your next escape! Happy Escaping!

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Escape Room Review Blog


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Escape Crusaders Escape Room Review Team

Escape Crusaders Escape Room Review Team

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